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C-Class Cars and SUVs at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich Pack a Punch
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class may be nicknamed the "Baby Benz" of the Mercedes-Benz family, but this baby packs a punch! These smaller sized sedans have the same V-6 engines and extras as their older siblings, only in a smaller package.

Vintage Cars: Brake Master Cylinders Made in Italy
For a classic car the brake system needs particular attention to improve the driving and make it safer: the Italian brakes market shows a non-stop technological innovation with many solutions, alternative to the traditional hydraulic system.

Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich Acquires Rare, Limited-Edition SL550 Night Edition
Mercedes SL550 Night Edition: The Ultimate Cool "Masterpieces to Dream of" was the designers' theme for this special edition Mercedes-Benz SL550 Night Edition. And the car is truly something from a nighttime vision. Mercedes must have collaborated with the vampires from Twilight to build their dream car, because the SL550 Night Edition is the ultimate cool. And with only 100 of these limited edition cars available in the entire United States, Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich, Connecticut is proud to be one of the select dealers offering this rare beauty. The Greenwich dealership was awarded this honor because of their high volume sales for the high-end Mercedes-Benz AMG sports models. The Night Edition arrived a month ago and has already drawn many admirers to the Greenwich showroom. How is the Mercedes SL550 Night Edition different? A variant of the SL550 Roadster (just one model of many that comprise the SL-Class of new Mercedes cars), the SL550 Night Edition sets itself apart with a night black matte-finish, which seems to neutralize, rather than reflect, the light. The matte-finish is part of the designo MAGNO paint series, a sleek and durable alternative to traditional high-gloss paint. Mercedes completed the fantasy look with darkened headlamps and taillights. This dream car rolls on 19-inch AMG five-spoke light-alloy wheels in a two-tone, high-gloss finish, and sports silver-painted front brake calipers with "Mercedes-Benz" script. A badge on the front wings identifies the Night Edition. The interior of the Night Edition features black nappa leather with silver chrome details, newly-designed seats with arrow seams and silver contrasts, and a sport steering wheel. Cool Features of the SL550 Like all of the SL550 Roadsters, the SL550 Night Edition has a power-retractable hard-top that morphs into a convertible in mere seconds. The car also features the exclusive AIRSCARF® system, which flows warm air over the necks of the driver and passenger, allowing you to extend your top-down summer far into autumn. All 2011 SL coupe/roadster models now come with an enhanced tire-pressure monitoring system, HD radio and a satellite navigation system with SIRIUS real-time traffic information. Where to find the SL550 Night Edition Dreamers, car lovers, and creatures of the night are encouraged to stop by and take a look at this exquisite beauty in the showroom of Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich. But hurry, with only one of these bad boys in stock, it won't last long.

Car Buying Tips: New Cars, Used Cars - Pros and Cons
New car smell can be added to a used car. Rebates and discounts can make a new car priced like used. There are many different opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car. There are just as many opinions regarding used cars. The real question is, "Which car is best for you?"

Prom & Limousine Services Role in Daily Life
Individuals who like to take a trip in stylish means from and to the airport then we ought to think getting the airport limousine services. You would be competent to utilize the airport limousine services to our best benefits for whatever reason we want.

Can you trust your online used car dealer?
Don't settle for poor service from unscrupulous used car dealers. Even though there are plenty of fraudulent dealers on the net, there are a few used car dealers with proven track records.One such car dealer site I suggest is I have compiled a few of the important points they offer. Give them a try; hopefully, it will shorten your search for the one you can trust.

Often overlooked car insurance coverage.
This article will remind the reader to look into a very important insurance coverage often looked over although it can be fairly inexpensive.

Buying a Used Car - Don't Get Burned!
Buying a used car can be a stressful and demanding task. Generally speaking, a vehicle purchase can be one of the largest financial commitments we make. So how do you know you're making the right decision? How do you know that you're buying a good car? Before you purchase, it is smart to do your homework and ensure that you get some, if not all, of the following points accomplished.

Insurance Agent Reveals His Secrets to Huge Savings on Auto Insurance
Save money on auto insurance by knowing the insurance agents secrets to saving auto insurance. This article was written by a license auto insurance broker.

Consumer Guide to purchasing Auto Insurance
This article was written to give you tips to help you buy auto insurance. Whether you buy auto insurance online or in person, the following tips are important when buying auto insurance.

Limo: To hire or not to hire, that is the question.
Is hiring a limousine is a good option for those who want to celebrate an special event in some extraordinary way?

Car Buying Tips: Focusing on Trade Difference
When negotiating the purchase of a vehicle, keep in mind that the most important figures have to do with the trade difference.

Car Buying Tips: The Very Best Way to Buy a New Car
There are dozens of sites, thousands of dealers, and millions of opinions that tell us how to buy a new car. Last year's leftover model? This year's hot new one? Take the incentive or wait for the next batch? Buying low, low mile used vehicles is considered by most "experts" to be the best way to buy a car, but some people just refuse to buy something that someone else has already driven. For those proud soles, this article will tell you the best way if you absolutely must have it new.

Car Buying Secrets: 9.5 Tips Nobody Else Will Tell You
There are many tips and tricks to buying cars. Most are repeated in various forms and retold from article to article. This article should offer fresh insights and new ideas that can really help.

Car Buying Tips: New 06 vs. New 07
At least two or three times per week, people ask me if it is better to buy the newest model available or last year's leftovers when considering a new car. My standard response is "Yes". Before they get too upset, I qualify my response by saying that their individual circumstance makes all the difference in determining their best course of action. Here are the top things to consider before making a decision.

Car Buying Tips: Lease vs Purchase on a New Car
Leasing vs purchasing a new vehicle is not a black and white issue, despite what experts on both sides say. There is not a one-size-fits-all program. Leasing is not evil, despite common misconception. Purchasing is not a guarantee of a great deal, despite aforementioned misconceptions. Everything needs to be considered before deciding.

Save Some Gas Money
Conserving gas is not just a great way to save money, but is also our duty to the planet on which we live. You'll be surprised to read how easy it can be.

Lexus IS 350 – Luxury with a Sporty Flair
You love the feel of a performance car, but appreciate the amenities of a luxury car. What are you to do? Slip behind the wheel of a Lexus IS 350 and come alive with quickened pulse, while savoring the fine appointments.

7 Tips to Know Before You Buy a Hybrid Vehicle
With gas prices on the rise, everyone is trying to conserve fuel. This is leading to an increased interest in hybrid cars, which are fast becoming a very popular option for many different types of people.

How Your Auto Insurance Rates Are Determined
a. Chris Tijerina has developed which answers the most common questions drivers have about Auto Insurance. Visit today. ...

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