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10 Ways To Date Any Gorgeous Woman You Want

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Author: Chris A. Cameron

So, you're finding that gorgeous women flock to guys who are major jerks? Big surprise. I thought that women, usually the really good looking ones, were mainly attracted to dumb jocks who treat them like garbage.

But you're a nice guy, right? Why is it that you can't seem to catch a break with a great chick? Well, you can. Not by turning into one of those dumb jock-who-constantly-looks-at-himself-in-the-mirror types, but by following 10 simple, common sense rules:

1. First, let me tell you, that a smart, gorgeous woman actually likes a nice dude. Opening the door for her, picking up the check, things like that, go a long way with these types of women. A not-so-smart woman, will still want you to pick up the check, but she's not really concerned with whether or not you hold the door for her.

2. Ask about her. When you first meet Ms. Drop Dead Gorgeous AND smart, ask her questions about herself. What does she do for a living, and where did she grow up are run of the mill, average dude questions. But ask her "What was the most valuable lesson your mother ever taught you?", and watch her eyes light up with intrigue. Ask her questions that will really make her think. She'll remember you for asking those questions. Trust me. Your interest in what really makes her tick, goes a long way.

3. When you ask her about herself, LISTEN to what she has to say. When she tells you about the most valuable lesson that her mother ever taught her, listen and be interested in what she's saying. Ask questions about the answer that she's given you. It shows that you really are paying attention.

4. Don't be a player. Smart, gorgeous woman can't stand a player.

5. Be up front. If you don't want to go to her girlfriend's mother's post-surgery party, say so.

6. Be honest. Yeah, yeah, I know. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at the number of women who've dated men who lie right from the jump. I've dated many gorgeous, smart women, who've all said that the #2 thing on their "dump him" list is lying. (Cheating actually tops that list...big surprise.)

7. Spend time with your friends, but don't make them the centre of your universe.

8. Don't cling. A needy man isn't attractive to any woman, let alone a smart gorgeous woman.

9. Have your own interests besides poker with the guys, and Sunday afternoon football. What smart, interesting, gorgeous woman, wants a boring, run of the mill man? Whether it's building cars, or that trip that you're planning to Seattle, be prepared to talk to her about what interests you.

10. Be attentive. There's a big difference between being "whipped" and being attentive. Pay attention to what concerns her. Is she exhausted from an unusually long day at work? Do something special for her. Believe me, when you pay attention to her, you get it back in spades.

Here's to great dating!

Chris A.Cameron

Copyright 2006 Chris Cameron All Rights Reserved

About the Author

Chris A. Cameron is an avid dater, who believes that though they can be intimidating to the average guy, gorgeous women deserve the same amount of respect as anyone more, no less. Read more of Chris' dating suggestions at

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