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Alcohol: Alternative for Gasoline

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Author: Chalacuna

Ethyl alcohol or commonly known as ETHANOL is derived from sugarcane, grapes and other fruits which has high sugar content. The liquid is extracted by pressing and collected in jars or other vessel. Yeast is added to ferment the sugar from the liquidand is covered to prevent dust from contaminating the liquid and also to avoid Acetobacter which attacks the alcohol and turn it into sugar. Ethanol has been widely used as solvent for products such as lacquers, paints, varnishes,glues, pharmaceuticals, explosives.Methyl alcohol a.k.a. METHANOL is a wood alcohol. It is the product of destructive distillation of wood, but today it can be producedsynthetically. Methanol has been used in manufacturing as solvent forfats, oils, resins, cellulose nitrate and also in the manufacture ofdyes, methanol, antifreeze solutions, special fuels, plastics.Just recently, alcohol has been seen as a promising alternative fuel in the future. It could be used to replace gasoline as fuel with onlyminor conversion of the carburator. Some countries like Brazil, Japan and Germany has already taken steps in using alcohol as an alternative fuel for thier cars.In Brazil, sugane farmers has benefited in the alchol production of the country. Approximately 60% cars and vehicles in Brazil has beedconverted and used alcohol as fuel and even airplanes. Brazil is theleading producer and exporter of alcohol to Japan and Germany which has also joined the bandwagon for a clean and green fuel.The future of alcohol as an alternative to gasoline is inevitable. Icouldn't say that it could replace gasoline in a decade, but for surealcohol fuel is to stay.

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