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Author: Brad Cra

We've all been there. That moment of sinking stomach when you glance in your rear view mirror and realize that more than just your grandmother or the people in the cars around you, but also by your local highway police has noticed your lead foot. Sometimes being pulled over is a moment of sheepish acknowledgment and other times a moment of infuriation, particularly when you've been caught without realizing that the allowed road speed had changed or a construction zone had been erected. But, once the blue and red lights are flashing in your rear view mirror there's very little left to do, but to hand over your license, insurance card and registration and behave as politely as possible with the hope that the officer might let you off with a warning this time. Unfortunately most times are rarely this time and the majority of stops end up with a traffic ticket in hand and options to beat a traffic ticket making their way across your mind. Best is not to get one, but what do you do when that isn't an option? Even more importantly where can you go to find accurate and legal information for defending yourself, and keeping that ticket off of your driver's license and increases away from your auto insurance.

Punching the phrase "Beat a Ticket" into any internet search engine will bring up a plethora of websites, each one claiming to have all the answers to your problem and that they are better than all of the other websites around. The sheer flood of information can sometimes be as daunting as the ticket in the first place, and leaves you with a great deal of sorting to do in order to narrow the scope of your needs and make the best use of your time. To help in your narrowing you need to know what things you are looking for in such a resource and how to identify a good page when you find it. Perhaps some of the primary things to look for are:

- Simplicity of page: can you find what you're looking for easily and within a couple of clicks?

- Experience and professionalism: does the service have the experience and success rate to back up their claims and your needs?

- Guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the given program what is the result?

As an example of this thing let's look at the page The set up of this page is very straightforward with a sidebar that remains constant regardless of what page you're on in the site. This is a very simple navigation that makes finding your information straightforward, and getting back to information seen earlier in the site also simple. Under experience and professionalism lists their background in nationally mandated law and shows the background of one of their founders as both a police officer and someone who has received tickets and used their system to defend his tickets in court. The guarantee of the service is spelled out in several locations, giving a sense of confidence in their service and the feeling that they stand behind their work, which is important in any industry.

Traffic tickets are a more than 14 billion dollar industry and many sites will claim that they can help you beat a traffic ticket, but when it's your ticket and your time at stake you want to find information that is straightforward and easily attained. You want to feel like you're supported by accuracy and a service that is interested in your particular problem and wants to help you win your case and beat that ticket.

About the Author

I have studied the law pertaining to speeding tickets very extensively. So much so, that even though we are not lawyers, law firms regularly contact IHATESPEEDINGTICKETS.COM asking us to train their law staff on how to beat speeding tickets! Now you can have this expertise on your side, providing YOU the information you will need to go to court and insure that you beat your ticket.

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