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Bunce-field Burner

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Author: Neil Millar

I often make the journey from Northampton to Somerset, but yesterday I did so under a cloud...At just after 1pm yesterday, the cloud from the Buncefield Depot had reached the edge of Northampton. Around Oxford the road visibility was down to about 200 yards, and we stayed under the cloud until Bristol.As I looked up at the sunlight filtering through the cloud I got to thinking that we have to do more to stop this kind of pollution happening.Right now, we're hamstrung by the oil industry. We need their produce to run our cars, to fuel our homes, power our computers and even transport our groceries to our local supermarket.And what would happen if the oil industry hiked the prices to an even crazier level, or our supply got cut off? Do you have the skills and knowledge to survive: to produce, food, heat and light?It seems that we like being spoon-fed. We like the easy life, especially when it comes packaged as cheap or more importantly, when it's convenient. It seems we don't ask questions anymore. We just accept what we're told or accept that their is only one way. And because of this acceptance our air is polluted, water contaminated and our soil full of toxins.Something must be done... and we need to do it.Start today, become aware that you might be burning more fuel than necessary. Drive at the speed most economical for your car, usually between 50 & 65 miles per hour and turn off electricity when you don't need it on - even the time clock on the oven or the stero or DVD player. If it has a red dot showing it is on standby and using 1/3 of the regular power.More importantly start to look at the alternatives - after all Iceland is now producing 70% renewable energy, why can't we?

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