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Can One Page Really Make A Difference In Affiliate Profits?

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Author: Tim Bossie

Affiliate marketing. It's both exhilarating and exasperating. It can provide you the keys to phenomenal wealth and it can snatch them away just as quick.

So, how do you tap into this powerful income producer with the least amount of risk and the highest return?


Yes, it's one word. But, a very powerful and profitable word.

I have been holding one on one exlusive affiliate coaching to people all over the world who have been struggling with their affiliate marketing. The concept of these calls was how to exponentially skyrocket your current affiliate earnings. (Yes, you can do that by simply following a proven concept.)

That concept being a one page, content filled landing page that...

* gives the visitor exactly what they want
* provides a means to secure opt-in subscribers
* and establishes you as the expert so they will come back to your site repeatedly.

These three objectives, or purposes, will make you more money than anything else will. Bar none.

Give The Visitors EXACTLY What They Want

When we start marketing with affiliate programs as a home based business we want to get started as quickly and simply as we can. It's incredibly appealing to start using the ads, articles, banners, autoresponders, and other materials to latch onto the money train as soon as possible.

But, that's not really what people want.

Affiliate marketing is becoming incredibly specialized. It's still easy, but now more focused than ever before. It takes a lot more work than submitting ads and putting banners up on a generic site, or "banner farm" as they have been called.

People want to know what kind of information you have that will benefit them the most.

Creating a landing page that is full of information and relevant content (and also loaded with optimized keywords for high search engine placement), will sell more affiliate products than any single other method.

Dr. Ken Evoy, of Site Build It! fame, figured this concept out a long time ago. Content sells. People want content. They want to learn. They don't just want to buy.

Digging in and researching into what people are looking for, by using search engine research tools like Wordtracker or Overture Search Suggestions, will help you drive targeted, qualified traffic to your landing page.

Once you know what keywords people are using to search with in your particular affiliate niche, then create a content page focused on that keyword in the form of an article or web-based report.

I've been working with a client who is an affiliate for several companies in the "car buying" niche. He sells memberships for auto auction sites. In order to best maximize conversion rates of visitors we established the need for a landing page that delivers outstanding car buying information and answers to frequently asked questions.

His conversion rates have tripled in just a month.

Provide A Means To Secure Quality Opt-in Subscribers

Yes, conversion rates go up drastically with a landing page specifically optimized and focused around certain keywords. But, it doesn't have to stop there.

All highly paid affiliate marketers know that the money is in the list. How many times have you heard that before? It's so very essential that you do not leave this part out of your affiliate marketing.

Your landing page is the ultimate tool for building a strong, targeted, cheap, and consistent advertising medium. Content build conversion, but your ezine, or newsletter, builds relationships that are unlimited in their profitablility.

Think of this scenario for a minute. The client I mentioned who is an affiliate for several car auction sites didn't realize the power of an opt in list until we worked together on his landing page. I suggested that we work into the body of the web copy several places for the reader to subscribe to his ezine about car buying tips and practices. Within the first month he already had over 1,000 subscribers.

Those 1,000 subscribers were already targeted and wanted the information presented in the ezine. As he was publishing consistently top information and establishing himself as an expert he was building a strong relationship with each subscriber. Each one individually was looking to him for information on how to buy a car through several different means that he was their guide.

And these are not just any subscriber. They are already targeted, and qualified as people who want this information. You can't get that any other way. Focused advertising of your landing page will secure long lasting opt-in subscribers for your ezine.

Please take note that for each specialized landing page you create for a niche product you must have a seperate ezine to effectively maximize affiliate commissions.

Establishes You As The Expert On Your Niche So Visitors Will Repeatedly Visit Your Site

A landing page is really your opportunity to put together all your best information so people will instantly recognize you as a true expert. Not just a "self-proclaimed" expert.

This is where you clinch the conversion of a visitor into a click thru to the merchant site, and to subscribe to your ezine. This was a sticking point for my client.

He wanted to put together an ebook to sell about buying cars and tips for auctions. So he didn't really like the thought of putting his best tips and information on his landing page. And at first glance, this is a legitimate concern. I needed to clarify a little. Put your best information but not all of them.

The ultimate goal of your advertising is to have a Most Wanted Response. For a landing page that would be for an instant click thru to the merchant site where you collect the commission or to subscribe to your newsletter (which is the best option in the long run). You can't do this unless to establish yourself as an expert that can deliver information not found anywhere else.

Anybody can "copy" the information on other sites, but if you really have a grasp of your niche then you have secrets that other people might not. Display those secrets. Well, not all of them, but enough to do the job.

I suggested to my client that we build his landing page around a great report that was focused on three of some wonderful tips he had for buying cars from auctions. He still had enough for an ebook and was now profiting from his affiliate marketing.

One Page Means Highly Targeted Visitors And Profits

Affiliate marketing is hard enough if we continue to make it more complicated than it needs to be. But, it can also be made too easy if affiliates continue to rely on banners and pages full of product links.

So, can one page really make a difference in your affiliate marketing profits?

Create a landing page, built around researched keywords, and containing relevant information and you'll find the answer out soon enough. Especially if using PPC advertising.

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