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Author: Kevin Gomez

Get A Ride™ Online is launching on February 18, 2006 the first pixel advertising website utilizing the sport of stock car racing as a theme. "Getting 'in the race on the pixel advertising racetrack,' sort to speak, is a great challenge. The success of Alex Tew and his site, The Million Dollar Homepage, has opened the door for many pixel ad sites to blossom. Even though the concept is similar, we believe our website's layout and design is very attractive and will be very productive," say the co-developers of Get A Ride™ Online.

Advertisers can choose to have their image, ad, or logo and their website link placed on any numbered stock car in 20 x 20 pixel blocks or spaces. Visitors will see on the stock cars the pixel images/ads/logos from various advertisers, giving the appearance of having "sponsor decals" similar to how the cars look on the stock car circuit.

While most pixel ad sites offer 100 pixels, 10 x 10 blocks, for $100, Get A Ride™ Online will offer 400 pixels, 20 x 20 blocks, for the same price. A benefit to advertisers is that their ad space is four times larger, making them more noticeable to visitors. Get A Ride™ Online states, "bigger is better for both advertisers and visitors."

The use of various marketing search tools, effective and specific press releases, and other advertising strategies will assist to drive traffic to their website, with the ultimate goal of reaching the advertisers.

But this website is not exclusively for businesses. They invite everyone. Whether you have a business to promote, a cause to herald, or a personal website needing an audience they will be there to help.

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Hails from Long Island, New York. Currently married and living in Central Florida. He is a co-developer of an adverstising website specifically designed to generate traffic to business and personal websites on the internet.

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