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Author: Mark Flanighan

When you have decided that breakdown cover is something you need for your piece of mind, next comes the point of choosing which breakdown cover is right for you. That is because different suppliers offer different terms prices and options. To give you some examples, do you want the car to be covered or you? If you have one car and several members of the family, who borrow the car regularly to do different things, say your son or daughter and wife, husband etc., then you may decide to have a policy that covers the car, no matter who is driving. But if you are say a multi car home and swap cars regularly then you may want yourself to be covered for any car.Next comes the question of where you want to be covered if you breakdown? Some basic polices only cover you if you are a distance from home. So if you get up one morning and you car does not start, then you are on your own to get it fixed. Do you travel far from home regularly, in better words if your car breaks down and it can't be fixed by the road, do you want the car towed to the nearest garage or brought back home no matter what distance? Again check you policy options to see what is covered. Some companies are mainly set up as a network of garages with some of their own repair vehicles, where as some of the larger companies, do most of the callouts. If you only do short trips and never out of the local area, this option may be fine for you. But if you regularly travel to unknown areas then maybe you may feel uncomfortable having your car repaired by an unknown garage. Of course these garages are vetted, and reputable. If there is more than one of you could also consider joint membership, which in most cases is cheaper than 2 single memberships.Finally thinking ahead, are you intending taking your car abroad this year? Often if you buy a full package that includes European Breakdown cover, you can save than buying both policies separate. As you can see there are many different breakdown cover options available and as with any insurance policy, check exactly what you re covered for to make sure you get the right breakdown cover for you.

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