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Author: Jinky C. Mesias

There are different types of car accidents that a driver may encounter and this article aims to help those drivers involved into knowing the classification of the car accident they are currently involved in. Car accidents fall into several categories and these are as follows: rear-end collisions, side collisions, rollovers, head-on collisions, single-car accidents and pile-ups.

REAR-END COLLISIONS The rear-end collision is a traffic accident wherein a vehicle crash with the vehicle in front of it. In this type of collision both the vehicles involved experienced mechanical damage and aside from that, the injuries contacted by both occupants are not that severe compared to the damaged taken by their vehicles. And also, a typical medical consequence of rear-end collisions is a whiplash and this may also happen even in cases where collisions happened at moderate speed. Furthermore, for insurance as well as policing the vehicle that bumps or crash the rear-end of another car is the one considered at fault.

SIDE COLLISIONS A side collision is wherein two vehicles crashing side-to-side. The severity of the damaged incurred by the vehicles are based on the vehicles structures wherein the less structurally set-up vehicle will tend to suffer much of the collision damaged. Moreover, the occupants of the vehicle with the lower mass will suffer the greater injuries.

ROLLOVERS A rollover is a type of vehicle accident wherein a vehicle turns over on its side. The most common cause of this type of vehicle accident is the turning too sharply while moving too fast. In addition, all vehicles have the tendency to rollover in one way or another. Mostly, vehicles that are high have a much higher centre of mass and are likely to rollover and an example of such type of vehicles are the SUVs and trucks.

HEAD-ON COLLISIONS A head-on collision is where vehicles hit each other as opposed to a side-collision or rear-end collision. In this type of collision both the vehicles as well as the occupants of the vehicles suffer the worst damages and injuries and even death. Aside from that, vehicles damaged in this kind of accident are considered irreparable due to the severity of the damage it has acquired from the collision.

Nevertheless, collisions do not always occurs between cars but also to types of vehicles like motorcycles hitting pedestrians and other stationary structures such as road signs and trees. Lastly, it is always better to be a defensive driver than to be sorry later on and one more thing DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

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