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How Quantum Physics Reveils Life's Biggest Mystery

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Author: Thomas Herold

What leads to disappointing experiences in your life? Probably when things didn't work out the way you wanted them to. Since the sixties we know already that we are our own creators. If we are - why doesn't all our creations manifest? How come there is still a tremendous amount of suffering in the world? How is it possible that people can't get rid of illness and diseases. Why would someone create a divorce or a bankruptcy or just being depressed?

Questions most of us have asked more than once...I guess.

Just look in your favorite bookstore and see how many books are written about topics similar to 'how to get rich quick', 'getting things done my way' and 'you can do it'. I have even seen a bookstore that covers nothing else than self improvement books!

Can quantum physics shine some light on this precious topic?

Let start with the premise that we have free will. If we have free will then we can manifest whatever we want. It would only be limited by our own thoughts, beliefs, and concepts.

If you would make a broad study on how successful people are with their manifestations, you may find out that people tend to rate their successes by more than 50% and their failures by less than 50%. Now, if you take in consideration that most people are more identified with their successes then with their failures, the reality of the outcome is probably close to 50/50. That seems almost random to me!

On a personal level, we can almost say instantly why some things worked out and others did not. We are pretty good in 'making up' reasons for the outcome of our actions.

Now, what if I am telling you that the reasons you made up are just illusions!

If you investigate deep enough you will never know why things work out or not. Reasons lead to your own concepts about the world. If you go far enough backward you end up with blaming the 'Big Bang' for the ultimate reason. You think this is exaggerated - try it!

However, we like illusions so much that we believe in them as they satisfy our minds.

What Exactly Happens on a Quantum Level?

Fascinating studies have been conducted by Benjamin Libet. Libet's experiments reveal a substantial delay - the "mind time" - before any awareness affects how we view our mental activities. The conclusion of his work is that unconscious processes initiate our conscious experiences. Freely voluntary acts are found to be initiated unconsciously before an awareness of wanting to act - a discovery with profound ramifications for our understanding of free will.

You may want to read this last paragraph again...

I like the example of how Fred Alan Wolf explains this study further. Just imagine, you are sitting on top of an elephant. The elephant is your subconscious and you are sitting on top (that's your ego). Now, you want the elephant to go left? You touch the left ear and the elephant goes left. It would be great if it works like this every time... but it doesn't. Sometimes, the elephant just goes in the other direction and thats what we call a failure!

Welcome to the World of Illusion!

In reality your subconscious is constantly collapsing wave functions. Waves are simply random possibilities of what can happen. The moment a wave is collapsed, it is no longer a wave, it then becomes a particle. Particles are what we call reality in space & time. This is the famous wave particle problem that gave most scientists grey hairs.

The amount of randomness is determined by your concepts. The concepts are setting the borders of your play field. Are you playing with one dice? Then the number can only be between 1 and 6. Are you playing on a larger scale with two dices then the number can be between 36 possibilities.

Here is a more practical example. You want a new car, it should be red, under $20,000 including a 6 year guarantee. These are the concepts and the possibilities you make up with your mind (ego). However, there are additional concepts in your subconscious. For example, your neighbor drives a new Mercedes and somehow that information sinks deep in your subconscious. Your subconscious has also stored the experience of all the other cars you previously owned. You see that the possibilities of what can manifest in reality is getting more complex.

Back to our example and what happens on a quantum level. The elephant gives you a 'telepathic' sign that it wants to go left. Because of that 'you decide' that you want to go left and therefore tap the left ear... VWOLA! The elephant goes left.

So where does this all leaves us with our free will?

It is very simple, but also very challenging to put this knowledge into our 'daily' lives. Quantum physics and science finally proves what most religious people since hundreds of years have already told us. The ego is an illusion and only through practicing silence can you expand beyond the daily illusions and experience where your true power is and comes from.

Speaking of power - this is unlimited power versus force, which you need constantly to keep the illusion of your ego alive. That's why a lot of people are constantly in stress and have no energy.

At one point in your life you are faced with an experience over which you have no control. Maybe an accident, a disease or a bankruptcy. You can resist this experience or you can surrender to it. Resisting means denying your own creation. Surrendering means you are finally listening to your true self instead of some beliefs or concepts you have adapted from society or someone else.

At this point, decide if you want to 'improve' your ego or if you want to connect with your true power. From my experience this is the only decision you can make and the only instance were you have free will.

Quantum physics is... in its core foundation... so simple that even most scientist cannot grasp its implications yet (myself included).

About the Author

Thomas Herold is the founder and CEO of Quantum Biocommunication Technology. A website dedicated to the exploration of quantum physics related to consciousness and biocommunication. For more information visit:Quantum Biocommunication Technology

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