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If you can't avoid a Traffic Ticket, contest it!

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Author: Brad Cra

Nobody wants to receive a Traffic Ticket but most of us will get at least one during our lifetime. You can avoid receiving too many by following these pointers.Obey the law and drive in a responsible mannerIt is there for you safety. You endanger yourself and fellow road users when you ignore road signs and markers or skip traffic lights and make U-turns wherever you like. There are times that we have to accelerate or cross a solid line in order to avoid an accident and may end up with a Traffic Ticket. Under such circumstances, don't just pay the fine. Contest it in court.Don't stand outKeep your car clean. There is a smaller chance of being stopped by a police officer if your vehicle looks like any other on the road and you act like all the other drivers. Don't play your music so loud that other drivers can hear it. Keep the exterior of your car dent free and repair broken taillights.Be alert at all times if you want to avoid a Traffic TicketDon't complain when you get pulled over if you are asleep behind the wheel. Watch out for speed traps at regular spots. Check your rear view mirror every eight to ten seconds to see if there is isn't perhaps a patrol car behind you. Look out for changes in the traffic flow as well as speed limit signs.Keep a safe distance from the car in front of youAs a rule of thumb, keep a space of two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. It ensures that you have enough time to react should the driver in front of you make an unexpected move.Don't use your mobile phone while drivingMake use of the speakerphone or a car unit if you have to use the mobile phone. You won't be able to spot patrol cars and speed traps in time when you are chatting on the mobile phone.Wear your seatbeltYou don't want a police officer to spot you for not wearing a seatbelt, and receive a Traffic Ticket for another violation, because you stood out.You may receive a Traffic Ticket for making a U-turn, skipping a traffic light or a stop sign, repairs needed, wrongful parking or speeding. Each of these is handled in a different way. Most of the unfair violation charges relate to speeding. This is the result of many factors such as faulty radar and laser readings, incorrect speed estimates by police officers, inadequate training of officers to handle speed reading equipment, broken speedometers, traffic conditions and more.Not many people know that you can contest a Traffic Ticket by mail rather than go to court as a first step. You enter a not guilty plea and select a trial option. The bail is sent together with your written plea. You may choose to appear in court for your trial or request a Trial by Written Declaration. The court will mail the acceptance of this to you. You have four weeks to return the form. The police officer that wrote the citation has the same period to enter his written statement. The judge will inform you by mail of the verdict. The bail amount is kept if you are found guilty. If you receive a not guilty verdict, you will be refunded. A guilty verdict is not the end of the world. You then have the right to request a new trial in court. This gives you a second chance at fighting a Traffic Ticket. The police officer will have forgotten details by then, and may not even show for the court appearance. It means case dismissed!

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I have studied the law pertaining to speeding tickets very extensively. So much so, that even though we are not lawyers, law firms regularly contact IHATESPEEDINGTICKETS.COM asking us to train their law staff on how to beat speeding tickets! Now you can have this expertise on your side, providing YOU the information you will need to go to court and insure that you beat your ticket.

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