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Limo: To hire or not to hire, that is the question.

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Author: Marco Moura

Through our research among Limousine companies and limo sites we found that many people seem to see these recreational and exotic cars as part of some unreachable extraordinary world. Among the features that help to create this idea is the relation between the complex Prices-Quality-Social opportunity. Today limousine companies are offering complete services, which includes the luxurious cars, well trained and professional chauffeurs, a huge amount of amenities (Open bar, Neon flashing lights, Karaoke machine, Satellite radio, Compact disc player, DVD player, Mini kitchen, Snacks, Audio Systems, Ice Cooler, Dance floor, among others). To combine all this services with the quality they promise, can make prices being sometimes very expensive to many common people. That is why the social opportunity for hiring a limousine is mostly in special occasions like hen nights, stag nights, weddings, business trips, corporate hire, birthday/anniversary celebration, school proms, bachelor parties and more; and the people who can afford this "special treatment" usually come from established economical and social parts of the society. Hiring or not a limo for memorable occasions becomes an important question both to the companies as to the customers as there are many ways of celebrating a special event. Although the competition increase in an exponential way between limo companies in the last years, for many people, the main problem in hiring a limousine still concerns the prices. However we can't forget that other issues like the education or cultural background are very important to understand "who is booking now" the limo services, as we notice for example that most of the customers are living in urban areas comparing with those from the countryside. What makes the hiring of a limo (which includes all the services and amenities) a desirable option? We can point some answers: first is the quality provided by the service in general, the continuous improvement of the cars, the chauffeurs, and the amenities. Second is the desire of security, comfort and fun, which a ride in a limo can promise and provide. Third, because hiring a limousine it's different than renting one, people don't have to worry about anything except to enjoy a great night and make sure that the event really feels special. Fourth is the "brightness" used in the marketing of limo companies as almost them are selling their services as an extraordinary experience full of glamour and class, re-inventing the limo tradition as "cars for stars" but now directed for everybody (to see more about the new changes/inventions in the companies see this limousine article). To finish we can see significant changes in the prices (decreasing) the companies are offering, as they are struggling against a much more competitive and aggressive competitors in parallel with a market who shows clear signs of opening due to the increase of recreational demands. We can say that although there are many ways of enjoying a special event in some special way, hiring a limo still is one of the best choices. The relation between the quality provided by most of the companies and the prices is moving towards a new balance: keeping the usual "taste" associated with the limo glamour and turning prices into affordable quantities for more and more persons. This will gather more and more potential clients placing the hire of a limo in a strong referential position among recreational services and resources.

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