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Nervous System The Map

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Author: Arthur Buchanan

I bet you are saying can the nervous system be any kind of map. It is actually quite simple and complex at the same time. Let me see if I can help you understand this animal, we call the nervous system. Once we know that, the nervous system is all through out us, connected to every part of our body you will get the basis for what I am talking about.

You burn yourself, the nervous system sends a message to you part of your body to move, and it sends pain to make sure that you do move. The nervous system works that one way. It is the same for different parts of the body, you hurt your back, here comes the pain telling you had better take care of it and in a hurry, because it hurts.

Now is this the only way the nervous system works? No the system also controls your eyes and is literally in charge of all the senses and everything you do in the now here. Is there any way that it can connect us to the no where to where we come from. We all know that we are in the now here and that we are going back to the nowhere and this is where God lives.

Now how can God use the system to reach us in the now here from the no where? He uses the nervous system to talk to us have you ever walked past a person who was smiling and you immediately felt better and somehow you even started to smile your self. Now do you see this is God talking to you and that person was projecting love, which is the language of God?

Now how else does he reach us if he doesn't use other humans? There is this thing we call intuitive response that can feel at any moment telling us to stop or go or whatever it is telling you and low and behold you listen and somehow the gut feeling you had saved your life. Because there was an accident two miles up the road and if you would not had listened to your intuition you would have been involved in the wreck yourself.

Now how and why did you get this vibe from the no where to the now here? Simple God used your system to reach you in a way that not even you know how it works sometimes. When you feel the gut feeling know that is God talking to you and the more you practice listening to him the easier it will be to pick up what he is saying, that is why you get a feeling, which God uses as a road map to talk to you.

How can we get better using this road map? One way is to be still and know that I am God. Yes be silent and listen for what he says, if you get a feeling in your gut, there is a good chance that it is coming from God as he uses your nervous system to communicate to you from the no where to the now here. Therefore, the next time your road map is telling you some thing you might want to stop and see if you are getting a gut feeling. That is telling which road to take.

It's kind of like the on star system in cars that are tracked by the satellite and told which way to go. The satellite represents God, from the no thing, outer space to the on star system our nervous system if you will and if you are willing to read the map, it tells you where you are supposed to go. This is true in life just as well as driving your car, so then next time your road map is telling you something go with the gut feeling and you will be sure not to get lost.

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