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Network Marketing Training- The Amazing Power of the Dream in MLM

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Author: Doug Firebaugh

MLM Success Training- The Amazing Power of The Dream in MLM

by Doug Firebaugh

"What do you mean I have to Start Dreaming?"

After 20 years in this industry, I have come to know that the foundation of your MLM Success is going to be the dreams that you want to bring to life in your future. Most people, even many of your friends, and family, do not dream like they used to, because we all have been programmed that "dreamers are not realists."

Oh yeah? Who sold you on THAT?

We encourage you to dream again.


Do you know what happens when you DREAM?

You "Dare (to) Reach Extraordinary Altitudes (&) Milestones."

That is what your company is about... helping people to:

1) DARE. Dare to become someone. Dare to go beyond where your friends are. Dare to prove everybody else wrong, who says that you cannot succeed in Network Marketing!

2) REACH. Stretch every part of your mind, heart, and soul, and reach for what you want in life, not what someone else wants to give you after they take their part.

3) EXTRAORDINARY. Dare to reach for the Extraordinary Life! Walk in the Extraordinary! Think Extraordinary! Become Extraordinary! Live Extraordinary! Grow Extraordinary!

4) ALTITUDES. You MUST soar higher in life than you ever have with your dream! The higher the Altitude, the more Magnetic the Pull of your Dream to you and the world!

5) MILESTONES. Reach for Extraordinary, Life Changing Milestones! Most people do not ever plan on hitting Extraordinary Milestones in their life let alone MLM. And because of that, they end up getting Millstones of Mediocrity hung around the neck of their future, dragging frustration and doubt all through their life.

Dreaming also is the basis for the WHY!

WHY are you doing MLM anyway?

"WHY" stands for "What Has You?"

Inferno Secret:

Whatever has your heart, focus, passion, dreams, and desires, is your WHY.

It could be your children, your family, yourself, your church or faith, or even making a difference in other's lives, or all of the above. Your "WHY" is the driving force behind your business, and your dreams.

What Dream has your heart for your family and future?

Dreaming is simply the Art of Painting a VIVID Picture on the canvas in your mind, and letting that become the MASTERPIECE of Change in your life and Network Marketing business.

Here are some thought provoking questions:

"If money were not an object...what would your life be like? Describe it!"

Think about this, and complete it.

What would your PERFECT DAY be like?

Next, complete the list below:

The 10 Things I would like my company to bring into my life that currently doesn't exist:

(This could include a New House, New Cars, Vacations, College Money, New Wardrobe, Charity and Church Giving, Private Schools, Boats, Lake Place, etc).

1) ____________________________________________2) ____________________________________________3) ____________________________________________4) ____________________________________________5) ____________________________________________6) ____________________________________________7) ____________________________________________8) ____________________________________________9) ____________________________________________10) ____________________________________________11) ____________________________________________12) _____________________________________________

WHY I want these things is simple: (HOW would your life change for the better.)

Turn your "DreamLight" on... dust off your dream machine in your Network Marketing business, and crank it up, and let that DreamLight shine on your future once more.

Your Dreams CAN and WILL come true... but first the Light of Hope and Possibility must shine in your heart! And then you shine that light on your friends and family and get them dreaming with you! THAT is Power in MLM and Network Marketing!


About the Author

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a monthread his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success.He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLMSuccess HEAT- at:

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