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Author: Mark Flanighan

I can remember when I was growing up in the 70s. It was important that I had a certain type of shoe or trousers to fit in at school. The Eighties weren't much better, with strange and wonderful haircuts, music and YUPPIES. Well now in the 21st century it seems things have changed a bit, having your own identity seems to be more in fashion that being like everyone else.Walk into your local DIY store and you will see thousands of different paint colours, dozens of different doors, dozens of bathroom suites, that is because people want more choice and want to create their own identity in everything they do.Next time you are standing in an airport or train station look at the different hairstyles, clothes, sunglasses, belts and bags to see how different we all are and that we now want to express that fact. Even driving down the road you will see an abundance of private registrations on even the basic of cars. Looking through the Weekend newspapers you will see pages of thousands of private registrations for sale, knowing that thousands of us will be searching through the numbers in the chance that something that represents our names or initials or in some cases the make of car we are driving.The DVLA got on the bandwagon a few years ago, recognising they were giving away good registrations free on some cars. So now they hold them back and offer them for auction every now and again, they also hold auctions for numbers they have not released from previous years.If you are lucky and have an obscure name you can get your own registration for a reasonable price but the most amusing thing I find is when clearly the registration on a car, is worth more than the car itself, look closely and you will see this more often than you think.The bottom line is, that owning your own private registration on you car is now not something reserved for the rich in society. Anyone pretty much that can afford a car could probably own some sort of private registration. Many coach and haulage companies do this to hide the age of their busses and trucks. Have you got your personal identity on you r car yet? I bet its not long before you do.

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