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Quick Guide to Comparing Online Dealers

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Author: Chris Contessa

Today with the technology of computers and the Internet, individuals are able to purchase just about anything online. This is especially true when it comes to automobile sales. There are a variety of online car dealers that sell automobiles at the click of a mouse. The following paragraphs will highlight some of these online car dealers and provide brief details regarding each one.

eBay Motors

eBay is a company which sells almost any type of item one could possibly want to purchase. In the past few years, eBay extended the items which they make available to the public to include automobiles in the section of their website known as eBay Motors. eBay Motors provides an avenue for individuals to buy and sell cars online. eBay Motors offers various incentives to individuals who do business via this route such as free buyer protection, free short-term service agreements on some autos and the ability to check a seller's reputation through eBay. eBay Motors provides a way for individuals to do business with one another without having to go through a physical car dealership.


Another company which provides an avenue for online vehicle purchasing and selling is CarsDirect. This company not only allows individuals to use their site to purchase new cars but individuals can use CarsDirect to sell their used cars as well. Certain offers and incentives presented by CarsDirect include access to free credit reports, loan financing, and sale of security devices. CarsDirect is a great website to visit if one is looking to purchase a new or used car.


Autobytel is another great online dealership to look into when considering purchasing a new or used car through online means. Autobytel provides a research section where one can peruse the various offerings. If selling a car is what an individual prefers to do, Autobytel provides resources for that type of transaction as well. One of the highlights of is the ability to search by various terms and factors such as price, automobile make, and automobile payment type. The website itself is laid out in a very informative and forthright manner which makes it easy to navigate through to find exactly what one is looking for.

All of the previously mentioned websites are great ones to look into when considering purchasing a new or used car online. Each website is a little bit different from its competitor; however, all of the aforementioned company websites provide a wealth of information to the prospective car purchaser which may help them to locate the best deal in the most expedient manner possible.

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