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Save Some Gas Money

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Author: kim

Keep it Healthy One of the main ways to keep your miles per gallon at their most optimum is to keep your car well maintained. Read your owners manual and follow the schedule it lays out for every thing from oil changes, to total system flush and overhauls. Many dealerships and service stations will remind their customers when it's time to service their vehicle, taking the guesswork out of maintenance records. Ultimately a car in good condition runs better, requiring less gas to perform.

Tire condition is another factor many people don't consider. Keeping tires properly inflated will ensure that the engine doesn't waste fuel and will prevent tire tread from wearing unevenly.

Get More Exercise Very few people can honestly say they don't need more exercise, we should embrace the high gas prices by walking and biking to all of our close destinations. Not only is this good for our bodies and the environment but on our wallets as well, it costs nothing to use our feet.

Another easy option is living near work, whether it means relocating to eliminate a commute or by finding work close to your home. While it is not an option for many people it is important to weigh options, the cost of the commute could be the justifying factor to eliminate commutes from your life altogether.

Membership and Credit Some gas stations offer credit cards and/or that earn you money towards gas for every dollar you spend, instead of cashing in on those frequent flyer miles, try getting a break on gas instead. Over the long haul chances are it will save you money.

Make Wise Purchases It should be a no brainer, but lets hope the next car you buy will be more fuel efficient and cleaner for the environment. Some of us will go super extreme and buy electric hybrids or attempt to turn a diesel into a bio diesel and eliminate the need for petrol. Others will buy smaller cars, and the new and used car market for smaller 4 cylinder vehicles will reflect this fact. Suddenly the safety that the bigger vehicles offer translates directly into money wasted on gas for many families.

Plan Ahead Wasted trips use gas unnecessarily. Before leaving the house to run errands, be sure you have a list of everything you need to get accomplished. Taking a moment to establish the most effective route can save you dollars on wasted idle time and retraced steps. Most of the big search engines offer directions and maps giving the shortest route to your next destination. Note: None of the map services are known for their reliability so use them for guidance purposes only.

Parking Lots Parking lots are another place where people waste unnecessarily. Being idle is wasted gas, waiting for pedestrians to struggle with carts outside the grocery store wasted gas, waiting for parking spots wasted gas. Head directly to the back of the parking lot, there is more space, less pedestrians and allow for easy in and out because the area is not busy like closer to the store tends to be.

It's all about using common sense and keeping your machine in good running order. These things make sense on more than just a gas saving level, they will help extend the life of your vehicle in addition to keeping it as safe and clean for use as it can be.

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Kim is a Creative writer and loves to write about cars.

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