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Secrets To Earning An Adsense Income

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Author: Alan Cheng

Here are some techniques of how to earn an Adsenseincome. I find many people are interested in earning anautomatic income from Adsense but don't realize whythe clicks aren't happening.

I can see 2 problems they have:

1. Poor display of Adsense ads on their websites whichscream "I'm an advertisement". Your visitors will bereluctant to click on them.

2. Poor quality of traffic. Even if you do get traffic, thequality may be poor. If I have no interest in your websiteonce I get there, what's the probability of meclicking on the ads that are related to the topic I am notinterested in?

Solution to problem 1.For displaying Adsense, you should remove the bordersand make Adsense seem less like an ad. Also thecolour of the Adsense should blend in with your website.

The placement of the Adsense should be placed on thewebsite where the visitors can easily see them. Theseare the basics of displayig Adsense on your website.In essence, the content of your website should havekeywords based on the Adsense you would want toappear on your website. For example, if you would like¡°web hosting¡± related Adsense to appear on yourwebpages, the content should mention the words ¡°webhosting" several times in the content.

However, you must make the content make sense andinteresting at the same time. Stuffing the words ¡°webhosting¡± all over the pages with no meaning will give thevisitor no interest in reading your content and thus theywon't be there long enough to click on the Adsense.

For more in depth information go to read up on this topic.

Solution to problem 2.Once you know how to display Adsense and whatcontent to provide, the next step is getting traffic. This iswhere most people give up and say ¡°It's impossible tomake money with Adsense¡±. Well say goodbye to thatthought now.

People who click on Adsense do so because they areinterested in that topic. This means that they areinterested in your website and therefore would also beinterested in the ads that are displayed.

They are called "targeted traffic" and it is what we needto push our Adsense income sky-high. Below are thetechniques which you should use to drive traffic to yourwebsite.

Techniques To Get Targeted Traffic1. Have a blog and post regularly A good way to gettargeted traffic is to post a blog. Blogs are excellent toget your other websites indexed and to post usefulinformation which your visitors can read up on. If youpost regularly, then your visitors will regualry check yourblog.

Place the Adsense on your blog so that the targetedvisitors can click on the ads which interest them. See myblog for example.I try to post as much useful information as I can so thatthe visitors know that they can expect to read somegood content when they visit my blog.

2. Announce to your visitors when your blog is updatedAfter capturing the visitors' email address on your blog,you should send an email to them whenever your blogis updated. This will remind them to visit your blog andalways keep them aware that you exist.

3. Create websites, which have a lot of informationtargeted to a particular niche and have Adsense in themiddle of the content. If your website is about cars forexample, you should have many content related to carsand in the middle of the content, have Adsense onthem.

If the users are reading your content and an adsuddenly appears in the middle, then they will takenotice. I see click-thru rates particularly high using thistechnique.

4. Have a google search box on your website. Not manypeople know this trick but if you have a lot of content,you can place a google search box on your webpagewhich can show the results of your content pagesvisitors search for. If they use the google search box tosearch outside of your website, you still get the Adsenseincome which they click on outside of your websites.Cool trick.

5. Write articles which are related to your website. At thebottom of your article, your resource box should informthe users of your website. Visitors which click on this linkwould be very targeted and will spend time to read yourcontent. Your Adsense will of course appear on thosewebpages. Expect some clicks from these visitors.

The articles should be submitted to as many ezinepublishers, article announcement lists and directoriesas possible. I have written a mini-course on writingarticles, where to submit them and the tools used etc¡­Send a blank email to my autoresponderarticlewriting@onlinemoneymachine.comto receive the mini-course by email.

6. Offer e-courses to your subscribers. People love toread information which teaches them things they don'tknow about. You should offer an ecourse whichcontains valuable information which people cansubscribe to free of charge. At the bottom of everylesson, recommend your websites so thatthe readers will visit your content rich pages withAdsense on them. One of the powerful techniques I useis to give your subscribers the right to offer the ecourseto anyone who has an interest. The traffic you'll get fromthis viral technique is quite stunning.

7. Purchase subscribers from a respectful leadgenerating company. With these subscribers, you cansend them an introduction email explaining yourwebsite. Only have once action for those subscribersand that is to visit your website. If the content is good,and you can build your relationship with thosesubscribers, you will instantly get an army of visitorsregularly visiting your site and clicking on your Adsense.

Information on reliable lead generating companies andalso how to write your introductory emails to thesesubscribers are also written in my

There you have it. Each one of these techniques willbring your Adsense click-thrus to another level, becausethe people visiting your websites will be targetedvisitors. Imagine what will happen to your onlinebusiness if you apply all of these techniques.

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Alan Cheng, is the owner of Online Money Machine,the complete membership to help beginners setupa profitable online business. Sign up for theconfidential report "10 Critical Factor to making moneyonline" at

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