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Author: Jinky C. Mesias

Most car accidents are caused by impulsive teenage drivers who treat the road as their own race tracks. The simple logical reason for this is that teenagers have lesser driving experience and therefore are most likely to commit traffic violations which often times lead to vehicular accidents. In order to guide teenagers as well as adult drivers in avoiding future car accidents, this article will tackle some easy to follow steps of avoiding car accidents.

To start with, it is always practical and sensible to check for incoming cars twice before pulling into an intersection at a stop sign. Following this simple rule may actually save lives since there are cases wherein accidents happen simply because the driver neglected to look in both ways of the intersection and then bang- ACCIDENT!

Backing out in a parking area to some may be a simple matter however did you know that accident may also occur while you're backing out your car? The most common car accident involved in this kind of situation is the rear-end collision since it is very common in parking areas wherein two cars opposite of each other leaving or pulling out of the area at the same time and then COLLISION!- that is why it is of great importance to look behind you before backing out of the parking place to avoid accidents.

The next avoiding car accident rule is to watch out for rushing cars through intersections especially at the end of a red light. And also, beware of those cars that try to beat the red light and also those cars that try to make it through the intersection on the yellow light since such cars are likely to meet accident once caught in the intersection the moment the traffic light turns green. These kinds of scenarios are the most common and happen all the time.

The next rule can be considered a basic rule in driving and which is to look left and right before making a right-hand turn. One of the common mistakes committed by drivers when making a right-hand turn especially in an intersection is the habit of looking left until the traffic is clear before entering the intersection, well there is nothing wrong with this since the traffic is from the left. However, the right side of the intersection will also have various things going on which you as a driver must also be aware of such as a fast incoming car who tries to beat you in entering the intersection and then hit your car as you right-hand turn on the intersection.

Another, thing to remember is to watch out for cars that are pulling trailers especially in an intersection. There are some instances especially when you're in a hurry that you neglect to look at the entirety of the vehicle crossing and then realizing too late that there is a trailer behind after crashing into it. And also, in switching lanes on a highway always check for a clear lane before switching lanes. Moreover, be very careful when you are driving close to trucks and never overtake on the right side of the truck since the driver won't be able to see you passing. This is probably one of the dumbest things however if your reason for doing such is to commit suicide that's another thing. And lastly, try to limit your speed especially when you're in a neighborhood full of children, remember little kids have this habit of playing in the street so please be very careful and always be alert when driving.

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Jinky C. Mesias is a lover of simple things and of nature. She spends most of her time reading and writing poetry.

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