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Should I Use Wax On My Car?

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Author: Gregg Hall

This is a question coming up more and more especially since January of 2005 when the United States and other governments announced a mandatory reduction in the use of volatile organic compounds or VOCs in manufacturing processes and consumable products. As of this writing in January of 2006, car care products may not consist of more than 15% VOC. This is major bad news for companies specializing in Carnauba wax which must use large amounts of solvents to make the naturally rock hard Carnauba soft and pliable so that it can be used.

Many companies had to drop entire lines of car wax products; some had to re-engineer their products. There are some others who are ignoring the regulations until sanctions are imposed against them. There is a revolution taking place in the car wax industry and it's about time!

Most of us grew up using Turtle Wax or some form of Carnauba Wax on our cars and I am no different. But, once I found out about the superiority of polymer based products like the PTFE based product from I quickly became a big fan.Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy cleaning and shining my car but when I can use a product that will last for 150 washes instead of 15 or 20, I have to go with the 150!More on this in a minute, first let's just cover some basics on how to apply car waxes and paint sealants.

These tips should be followed regardless of whether you are using car wax or a paint sealant:

First off, always work in a shaded area where the vehicle surface is not exposed to direct sunlight. Use a foam applicator pad for applying the wax or sealant and use a new one if it becomes caked in wax.

Work on a small area at a time, we recommend an area of around 2 to 4 foot square at a time, this will allow you to concentrate on small area and will give you better results.Follow the individual manufacturer instructions as to whether you should allow the product to haze before you begin buffing.

If the residue does not easily buff to a shine, use a new clean towel. Always apply the product in a back and forth movement, circles will create swirls.

When you are done, the car's finish should be smooth and have no swirls, streaks, or smudges.

About the Author

Gregg Hall has over 20 years experience in the automotive industry including managing and owning several dealerships. He recommends these car wax alternatives

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