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Vintage Cars: Brake Master Cylinders Made in Italy

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Author: Mauro V.

As all we know, a classic car requires specific solutions to improve the driving and make it safer: the brake system is surely the one that needs the most attentions, and the brakes market is an automotive market that shows a non-stop technological innovation aimed at giving drivers more safety.

Today the traditional hydraulic brake system is supported by other brake systems, newer and older, such as the brake-by-wire system, the electro mechanical brake system and the stainless steel brake lines. The aim is always a safer control on our vehicles: and for the vintage car the safe driving takes on additional meaning.

Among the many technological innovations, for example, the anti-skid braking system is one of the most effective solutions for drivers and brake manufacturers: today brake systems are typically divided into two separate systems, so that if one fails the other can still stop the car; combined with anti-skid brake systems, this provides a higher level of safety and reliability.

In the brake system one of the most important component is the master cylinder, that is the cylinder filled with the brake fluid: when we push on the brake pedal we force a plunger into this cylinder.

Among the Italian master cylinder manufacterers, Golinelli Loris is a company specialized in many sectors of the automotive industry, including the vintage cars. For the classic cars, Golinelli manufactures master and other wheel cylinders, brake pumps and calipers.

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